article 15 June 2017

Top 5 tips for Sellers

Top 5 tips for Sellers

Sunny days and warmer weather normally heralds a spike in the number of homes on the market for sale. But what should a home owner do to get a hassle-free sale and a good price? 

1. Tackle maintenance issues

Those minor maintenance jobs that keep getting put off now have to be a priority. Most repairs are easy to solve, inexpensive, and can often be tackled over a weekend or two. If something bothers you as the home owner, then chances are it will also bother a buyer, so fix up that leaky tap, replace the ripped flyscreen, and fill that crack. A lack of maintenance can indicate a lack of care and is off-putting for a buyer.

2. Get an inspection

Most savvy buyers get a pre-purchase inspection as part of their decision-making. A professional building inspector will identify any issues and flag to a buyer any urgent or longer-term repairs. That means you will have to fix those problems anyway or make some concessions. It is a good idea to get your own inspection done before it goes on the market because it allows you to fix any problems before they are discovered by the buyer’s inspector. It puts you in a better position.

​3. Update or replace electrical items

Make sure to replace any ceiling or exhaust fans that no longer work, and get that faulty power point fixed properly by a licenced electrician. Spending a few dollars on a newly-installed ceiling fan is more than worth it, as well as updating old or damaged light switches and fixtures.

4. Spend time in the great outdoors

Mow the grass, weed the gardens and prune any overgrown shrubs - especially if any are blocking the home’s façade. Clean the gutters and check that stormwater pipes are all sealed and not cracked or broken.

5. Go DIY

Think about the need to paint a few walls, rooms or the entire home. Maybe all that is needed is a tidy up coat on window frames or doors. Those bright yellow walls might be to your liking, but most buyers want neutral and natural tones – so create a blank canvas where they can inject their own personality.