Code of Practice

When it comes to engaging with a Member of the Association of Building Consultants, you can have peace of mind knowing they have committed to our Code of Practice.

Code of Practice - Commitment from our trusted building inspectors and consultants

Association of Building Consultants Incorporated (South Australia)

This Code of Practice is to be observed and practised by all members. It is a code of ethics for the protection of Building Consultants and their clients, which maintains the prestige of the Association. The confidentiality and responsible nature of a Building Consultant's duties requires the upholding of this Code of Practice and the enhancement of the profession.

  1. In all business dealings, a member shall act honestly at all times. Members are encouraged to obtain a National Police Certificate.
  2. All dealings by members with clients, the public generally, the Building Industry, other Building Consultants and the legal profession, shall be treated as confidential and privileged.
  3. No member shall conduct himself or herself in such a manner or practice under any name or title as is, in the opinion of the Association, prejudicial to his or her professional status, or to the reputation of the Association.
  4. A member shall generally specialise in Building Consultancy and should generally not be engaged in building contracting, unless that member is a Builder Member.
  5. A member shall perform his or her duties in a diligent and conscientious manner, and with proper regard to his or her duties to his or her client.
  6. A member shall at all times make full disclosure to his or her client of any financial or other interest that the member has in any transaction in relation to which he or she is acting for the client.
  7. It shall be the duty of a member to ensure that neither he or she personally, nor a partner or employee of a business of which he or she is a member knowingly acts for two or more parties with conflicting interests, without first disclosing the relevant facts to each of the parties.
  8. A member shall not advise upon matters in which he or she is not trained or qualified.
  9. A member shall not unfairly criticise any other Building Consultant, nor perform his or her duties in a manner likely to cause a needless disagreement or controversy, or bring the profession of Building Consultancy into disrepute.
  10. A member shall not solicit business from a known client of another member. It shall be improper to charge a reduced fee in order to attract business away from another member.
  11. A member shall at all times charge a fair and reasonable fee for his or her services performed.
  12. Members shall strive to be informed at all times in regard to the law, including proposed legislation, other essential facts and public policies relating to Building Consultancy.
  13. Members should attempt at all times to disseminate information of common interest, particularly matters of unusual import to other members, but not in a manner so as to detract from a Building Consultant's obligation to treat his or her client's business as confidential.
  14. Members are urged to carry public liability insurance.
  15. A member shall at all times be responsible for the actions of his or her employees in their business conduct, in accordance with this Code of Practice.
  16. Use of the ABC logo:
    1. Any person that conducts a building consultancy or building inspection business or any related business may include the ABC logo on the individual’s promotional material, provided that person is a financial member of the ABC.
    2. The ABC logo shall not be used to state or imply that the ABC endorses any individual’s products or services.
    3. The ABC logo shall not be used to depict the ABC or its members in a negative way.
    4. The ABC logo shall not be modified or otherwise altered in any way.