Property pitfalls during the Spring selling season

The start of Spring means potential buyers must do their homework, know their rights, and get an inspection done by an experienced building consultant.

2021 Annual General Meeting results

The Association of Building Consultants is pleased to announce the results of our AGM, which saw Roger Richter appointed as President, James King as Secretary and Travis Summerton in the role of Treasurer.

Building site compliance checks underway

Consumer and Business Services has ramped up its visits to building sites to check compliance with licensing and other legal requirements.

Home Building Protection Review submission

Home Building Protection Review government submission

Home Building Protection media release

Home Building Protection Review media release

Leave Asbestos to the Experts - Media Release

The ABC has used today's launch of Asbestos Awareness Week to issue a warning to DIY and home handymen to protect their health by leaving any inspection and removal of asbestos to the experts.

Swimming pool safety submission to government

Submission to the SA government (31.5.13) regarding upgrading pool safety legislation

Overflow relief gullies

Preventing raw sewerage from entering a building (source: David Murray)

Termites: Media release


Problems with solar installations - Media release

What are the benefits for consumers of having their solar panels installed by an installer with a builders license?

Deposit limits changed

Deposit limits for domestic building work contracts have changed for the first time since 1995. This article was recently published by HIA for its members. (source: HIA)

False advertising

Trader pays infringement notice over alleged false building association membership claims (source: ACCC SBIN)

Bushfire Bunkers

Not out of the woods yet (source: Chris Short)

Use of Foil Insulation in Homes

Risk in roof space (source: HIA)

Be aware of asbestos

Asbestos danger in roof