article 22 August 2016

How to achieve bathroom bliss

How to achieve bathroom bliss

Check the grout

Tile grout needs to be regularly inspected for any sign of wear and tear. Use household bleach to remove any mould and mildew, and if it’s time to replace the grout, then it is important that all surfaces are properly prepared. The old grout will need to be carefully removed and replaced with fresh grout. Some grouts are available with a fungicide in the mix, which helps resist further mould.

Spot the sealant

Old and damaged silicone sealant is not only unsightly and promotes mould growth, but any gaps in the surface can leave a home vulnerable to water leakage. Exposure to constant heat and moisture will impact the sealant over time, which is why it should be replaced every 1-2 years. A toilet and bathtub need to be securely sealed to the bathroom floor.

Look for leaks

Leaks from a pipe or tap should be fixed as soon as they are spotted. If not, they risk becoming progressively worse and can create moisture problems behind walls and underneath a floor. Look under the sink for leaks and any signs of dampness. Corroded pipes or cracks in connections can lead to leaks, damage timber cabinets and spread to a foundation – which could mean costly repairs. When in doubt, use a licenced plumber to ensure a professional fix.

Fix loose tiles

Shower tiles should be in place and the joints sealed properly to avoid water leaking behind walls or into floors. If there are any signs of shifting tiles on the wall or floor then they will need to be removed and the waterproof membrane checked for damage. Grout will need to be reapplied between tiles and new sealant applied. To ensure tiles are replaced correctly and the integrity of waterproofing is retained, it’s highly recommended to use a licenced tiler.

Upgrade fixtures

Replacing outdated and inefficient bathroom fixtures with new taps and low-flow showerheads will not only enhance the visual appeal of a bathroom but can reduce water consumption by as much as half, which is great for the environment and your budget. For example, each shower head should only use 9L of water per minute.

Repaint walls

A lick of paint will freshen up a tired bathroom and give it a modern look, but make sure you use paint that is resistant to mould, mildew and flaking. The paint must be completely dry before you use the bathroom and installing a good exhaust fan will help prevent mould in the future.