Joining the Association of Building Consultants Inc.

The Association of Building Consultants Inc. welcomes applications from potential new members. New ideas and differing views on matters contribute to the quality of the Association.

The Association has a Constitution and a Code of Practice, and members are required to conduct their business affairs in accordance with both. The Association encourages each member have a current Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

All members are entitled to use the Association's Pre-purchase Inspection Agreement.



The table below sets out the types of membership available with the Association of Building Consultants, broad membership criteria and an indication of benefits of membership.

Member type Membership criteria Benefits of membership Annual fee
Fellow As for Ordinary member, plus have a commitment to Continuing Professional Development and have been conferred the status of Fellow by the Committee, taking into account the level of the member's consulting experience and qualifications. As for ordinary members plus the added status of Fellow. $600 + GST
Ordinary member Can demonstrate sufficient training and expertise to be considered as professional and expert in their field. Would normally have appropriate academic qualifications, several years of experience, a builder’s or supervisor’s licence or the like. Opportunity for continual quality improvement through interaction with peers. Exposure to new ideas and opportunities. Benefit from referrals through the Association. Membership enhances credentials. Access to our Tech Hub document library. $600 + GST
Life member Only offered by the Committee on invitation. Benefits as for Ordinary members plus the honour of Life Membership status. Nil
Associate member A person who has either completed formal training in architecture, building, engineering or a related field, but has less than 7 years of appropriate experience
OR a manufacturer or supplier of a building product or system.
Opportunity for improving professionalism and skills by interacting with experienced consultants. Mentoring and networking opportunities. Career development possibilities. In the case of manufacturers and suppliers, the opportunity for widening referral networks, sharing expertise, gaining feedback on products and systems in use. $500 + GST
Student member A person currently undertaking studies in architecture, building, engineering or a related field.

This study may be at industry, TAFE, college or university level.
Gain insight into practical issues to give a “real world” perspective on academic studies. Mentoring opportunities. Access to experienced consultants for feedback on new ideas and concepts. May open doors for work experience possibilities. $200 + GST
Retired member A person who has been a member of the Association, but who has retired from active professional work. Maintain contacts and comradeship. Satisfaction through being looked to for wisdom and advice. Keep active mentally and help grow the standing of the Association. $100 + GST
Honorary member A person who may wish to provide ancillary services or products to the Association, its members or within the industry (for example, legal services, business products or services, insurance products). Increase network of business and building industry contacts.  Have access to a pool of expertise for advice on specific or general building-related matters. Have a “sounding board” for feedback on services or products. Nil
Builder member An active builder of at least 7 years good standing in the industry, but not normally engaged in provision of consultancy services. To improve building knowledge, competitiveness, performance and quality by having a wider exposure to the concerns of consumers as relayed by consultant members. To have a wide pool of consultant expertise to draw on in relation to novel or complex problems. To widen existing networking. $500 + GST

Should you wish to discuss any of the above matters, please call a Committee Member.


The Association of Building Consultants Inc. will not be liable for the accuracy of any information provided on this website by individual members, or the quality or extent of the services they might provide.

Membership Application

Before submitting a Membership Application, please ensure you have the following information:

  1. Selected a Member class
  2. Curriculum Vitae (as MS Word or Adobe PDF file) to attach to the Application form.

Membership Application form