About the Association of Building Consultants Inc.

The Association of Building Consultants Inc. was formed in Adelaide, South Australia, in March 1991. Its members include a wide range of specialists and consultants from various sectors of the building industry. Members provide inspection and advisory services to the public and the building industry for any building-related matter or problem, no matter how small or large.

Services include independent technical advice and reports by way of pre-purchase inspections, construction reports, expert reports for building disputes and court cases, as well as termite inspections and engineering advice on structural matters and designs for new and existing buildings.

The Association has a Constitution and a Code of Practice which members are expected to follow.


One of the main objects of the Association is to foster and continually improve the quality of service provided by members to the public and industry in the various areas of building consultancy.

This is achieved in a range of ways:

  • the Committee assessing applications for membership
  • regular monthly meetings of the Association incorporating a rolling program of guest speakers for continuing professional development of members
  • links with other building industry associations
  • members sharing technical information
  • members sharing their experience and expertise to gain mutual benefit from diverse backgrounds

Executive Committee 2020/2021

Office Bearers


Roger Richter 0417 970 164


James King 0438 903 000


Travis Summerton 0438 416 461

Executive Committee members

Chris Short 0419 556 655

David Murray 0419 806 429

Alexis Buhagiar 0403 295 319

Nick Boffa 0426 118 900

Steve McLeod 0499 611 528

Fred Centofanti 0413 757 634

Andrew Butler 0476 943 768

David Holtham 0468 361 108

Tom Katsapis 0417 828 457

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Walkerville SA 5081

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Disclaimer: The Association of Building Consultants Inc. will not be liable for the accuracy of any information provided on this website by individual members, or the quality or extent of the services they might provide.