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Allan Johanson

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Allan E Johanson & Associates –
Assessing and certifying the Building Code energy star performance of new houses, additions and existing houses in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.

Our FirstRate 5 calculated energy star reports can accurately rate up to ten stars. Our experience in the architectural, building and regulatory spheres ensures you obtain the
best quality building thermal performance reports.

For the Architect or Building Designer
We receive your emailed plans/specifications (pdf or dwg) or printed, posted plans and
provide you with a quotation for the energy rating assessment and its certification. Clarifications may be sought and the calculations undertaken. A six star building is then
certified for its Building Code of Australia energy efficiency compliance.

For the home improver /seller
  New houses and additions are required to comply with the six star energy efficiency rating scheme (or teh Deemed-toSatisfy alternative). Why should existing home-owners miss out on the benefits?
Be more comfortable in the extremes of winter and summer!
Be more secure from heat stress when summer power blackouts hit.
Lower electricity or gas running costs for heating and cooling along with a higher resale value are some of the benefits to the home owner.
A house advertised for sale as "  _ star energy efficient' can achieve a quicker sale or rental and a higher price. It would however need our rating documentation.
Improvements of an extra 2, 3 or 4 stars can be achieved!

For the Builder
Your standard designs are assessed for eight north orientations and for some or all of S.A.’s seven climate zones. A report can verify the star rating and can also provide examples of improvements to ratings.
You are then ready to market the design for its energy efficiency and be a leader in his field.

For the home buyer
Is the house you are about to buy a two star energy guzzler or is it a six or seven star energy efficient house? You need a report prepared by an experienced and accredited House
Energy Rating Assessor.

For the Property investor
A more satisfied, comfortable tenant with money in pocket from energy savings and wanting to stay longer is a bonus for a property investor. We can determine a current rating and
provide improvement suggestions that are factually based for your specific house.

We are committed to providing accurate reports based on the construction details BEWARE of inexperienced software users, those not experienced in interpreting architectural designs,
and those taking short cuts merely to boost the score.

For an assessment and certification contact Allan Johanson, Accredited House
Energy Rating Assessor (Reg’d HE 059)

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